This past weekend, 11 youth and 3 adult leaders attended a youth conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center. This event was previously called Tsunami but the planners decided to shorten the conference to two days and to change the name to Ignition. Even though the name was changed, the conference still had awesome worship, concert bands, and powerful guest speakers. On Friday night, Sammy Lopez shared a powerful message that many of the youth responded to by going forward for prayer. He spoke on Revelation 3:11, “I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.”

Sammy told us 3 things: (1) Jesus is coming, (2) hold on to your crown (which is your testimony and your identity in Christ), and (3) hold on to the Word of God. He also said that the way you know you are in Christ is if you have changed. According to Sammy, if you are not different after receiving Christ then either you are not saved or you are not discipled.

This was a very challenging message, and I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work in the hearts of all those who attended.