Two Kinds of Walks...Two Kinds of Citizenships

PassportThis past Sunday, Pastor Alvin Louie preached on Philippians 3:17-21. In this passage, the Apostle Paul states that there are two kinds of walks and two kinds of citizenship in life. First, there is Paul’s walk of life. He invites the Philippians to follow his example and those of other godly people in their lives. Then there is the walk of the enemies of Christ. The Philippians are to avoid such false teachers and ungodly examples.

There are also two kinds of citizenship in life. There is our earthly citizenship, which is temporal, and our heavenly citizenship, which is eternal. Our heavenly citizenship gives us hope that this world is not everything. Pastor Alvin encouraged us to stand firm in the Lord and in this hope.

Whose example are you following? Are you following godly examples or ungodly examples? What kind of example are you for others to follow?

Are your eyes fixed on an earthly citizenship or are your eyes fixed above, on Christ in heaven? May our week be filled with the hope and expectation of our heavenly citizenship.