A Connecting Community

connectingA few years ago, I turned on my computer and to my dismay, I could not connect to the internet! I tried everything I knew, tested every connection and device, and I even called AT&T for help. Eventually the problem was resolved, but I felt very convicted by the whole experience. I was frantically and passionately trying to connect to the internet and was resolute to find a solution. But I realized that sometimes I don’t spend a quarter of that type of energy to connect with people.

Being a natural introvert, I use that as an excuse to shy away from connecting with people. But in Acts 2:42-47, Scripture challenges us that in order to be a vibrant community of Christ, we need to be a community that connects with one another.

This past Sunday I shared four ways that the early church was a connecting community. The first believers had the shared experiences of seeing the risen Christ as well as all the miraculous signs and wonders the apostles were doing to confirm their authority. The first believers also shared their resources with each other generously and joyfully. By meeting every day, they shared their time with one another. Lastly, as they gathered together to learn from the apostles, they had a shared purpose of spreading the good news of salvation in Christ.

Are you in this type of community? Are you opening yourself up to this type of community? At SFEFC we are seeking to be this type of community—come and join us!

*Important side note: Pastor Lancelot announced his decision to resign his position effective August 31, 2013. Please be in prayer! We will be having a special Family Matters meeting at 1:00 p.m. in the sanctuary on Sunday, March 3rd, to discuss further.