Golden State Warriors Fellowship Night

2013-02-22 22.36.47On Friday, February 22nd, a group of us from SFEFC attended the 2nd Golden State Warriors Fellowship night of the season. Having just broken a six-game losing streak a couple of nights beforehand, I wasn’t sure how the Warriors would do against the top-ranked San Antonio Spurs. They pretty much kept up with the Spurs until the  second half, when they fell behind by about 13 points.  However, the team didn’t give up and eventually pulled into the lead in the closing minutes. But the Spurs’ Manu Ginobili made a basket to tie the game and they went into overtime.

In overtime, the Warriors turned it on to win 107– 101, breaking a 16-game losing streak to the Spurs! It was an incredible, exciting game. But even better than the game was the fellowship time after the game.

Coach Mark Jackson shared his excitement about the win. Then he put it into perspective by saying,  “This is a win that will one day fade away.” And then he spoke about a hope in Christ that will never fade.

He shared about how God was his strength and gave him hope and confidence when he was 20 games below .500 last season and also when it came to light that he had cheated on his wife in the past.  He testified that he is a man who truly understands the meaning of grace.

He then invited anyone who wanted to receive Christ to come forward. It was awesome to see many people responding! Warriors point guard Stephen Curry gave the closing prayer. Praise God!