Here Comes the Dreamer

dreamcoatThis Sunday,  Pastor Al began a series on the life of Joseph. In this world we have so many terrible role models -the media abounds with the antics and lack of  ethics of actors, musicians and athletes. This pales in comparison to the timeless role model of Jesus.  But in the pages of scripture we also come across a timely role model and that is Joseph. In Genesis 37:1-4, we read that Joseph was the favored son of Jacob. Even though he was one of the youngest, he was a shepherd and a manager.  And since he was the favorite son, he was also the hated one.

In Genesis 37:5-11, we read that he was the gifted one. Joseph had two very vivid dreams in which his brothers and even parents bowed down to him. This led to Joseph being the victimized one. His brothers plotted against him and even wanted to kill him! Instead they threw him into a pit where he was kidnapped. His brothers didn't know that he had been kidnapped and they lied to their father that Joseph had been killed.

In this story we realize that Joseph had a dream and the dream came from God. The dream was misunderstood by his family. This dream would not die, but would eventually lead Joseph to save the lives of his family, the nation and the world. Most of all, Joseph was faithful and fearless in telling the dream!

May we be faithful and fearless in speaking the truth of God this week.