Day Camp Has Started!!

2013-06-10 09.50.58Hi my name is Jon. I've got 30 kids, 11 counselors and I work as a Day Camp Director.

One day, my God said to me,  He said, "Hey Jon! Be the the director for Day Camp this year." And so I said, "Yes!"

[By the way, this is Pastor Chris' attempt to be funny. This is a play on the "Hi my name is Joe and I work in a button factory" day camp song...]

Anyhow, I'm very pleased that Jon Lam is our day camp director this year! Jon started his day camp career as a counselor at Chinese Congregational Church's Summer Adventure Camp. He served there for 4 years and then responded to the call to be the Day Camp Director for SFEFC last summer.

This is Jon's 2nd year at the helm and he says the best part of day camp for him is getting to hang out and interact with the kids. "That isn't work at all," he says.

Jon's prayer request is mainly for the counselors. He knows how hard the work can be and asks that you pray for energy and endurance for them.

Stayed tuned for many more posts about day camp!