Here Comes the Interpreter!

josephprisoinThis Sunday, Pastor Alvin Louie continued with part three of his seven part series on the life of Joseph. This week he focused on Genesis 40. In this chapter, we read about Joseph's imprisonment with Pharoah's Chief Cupbearer and Chief Baker. Pastor Al emphasized that with each circumstance, Joseph is being pulled closer and closer to Egypt and Pharoah.

Is this coincidence or providence? If we believe the God of the Bible, then we know that God is sovereign and in control of all things. This was not a chance encounter, but God's divine design for the fulfillment of Joseph's dream from Genesis 37.

Unfortunately for Joseph though, this story does not have a happy ending. Although Joseph successfully interpreted the dreams of the cupbearer and the baker, the cupbearer did not remember to mention Joseph to Pharoah.

Genesis 40:23 reads, "The chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph, but forgot him." Have you ever felt betrayed, unappreciated or forgotten? How did you respond? Pastor Al reminded us that God never forgets us and no matter how we may feel, we need to trust that Jesus remembers us.  Will you hold onto that promise this week?