The Walking Dead...or Alive?

Plants-vs.-Zombies-2-00We were glad to welcome back Pastor Pira Tritasavit to our pulpit this past Sunday. He shared from Galatians 2:15-21 on a timely topic: zombies! Zombies are among us. The proliferation of zombie movies has raised interest from a number of journalists. Pira quoted a story from the New York Times which  said that zombies are a metaphor for how the culture is feeling. These are times of unhappiness - disease, economic recession and cultural dissatisfaction make us feel helpless. We become a culture obsessed with death. But scripture challenges this view.

In the letter to the church in Galatia, the apostle Paul writes to protect the church from the cultural threats of its time. Namely, that in order to become a follower of Christ, you also had to adhere to the Jewish law, rituals and customs.

Paul argues that the law doesn't bring life. It only points the way to sin and death and punishment. Pira illustrated this point by saying that if you ran a stop sign and there was a traffic cop nearby, you would get a ticket. The law would find you guilty of breaking it. But if you stopped as you should have, that same traffic cop would not reward you for adhering to the law. The law does not reward, only condemns.

Paul goes on to argue that it is only by faith in Christ that we are made right with God.  Faith is our belief in God's promise that Christ's death brings us salvation. Pira gave another good example of this: in the movie Lincoln, the slaves are granted freedom. But it is only if the slaves believed that they were free and stepped out into freedom were the ones that grasped it. The slave owners too had to believe and obey the proclamation to put it into effect.

In Christ we have a living hope and active faith. We are able to live because of Christ living in us. Death is not the ultimate outcome. In Christ alone we will live. We are not zombies!