Youth Sunday!

2013-06-30 08.37.35This past Sunday, SFEFC had our annual Youth Sunday. This is a Sunday when the youth take over all aspects of the service. Emmu Zhou and Tony Wong started off leading the Call to Worship and Opening  Prayer. Then Jon Lam, Michael Mung and 2013-06-30 08.33.27Natalie Kwong led worship with Naomi Kwong, Jodi Zhou and Johanna Hom.

Matthew Kwong shared with us his baptism and post-baptism testimony. It was inspiring to hear how God is transforming and continuing to transform Matthew in his attitude and behavior and making him more like Christ!

Naomi Kwong read the scripture passage, Matthew 11:1-6. Then, Jeff Lam shared a touching and convicting message with us, entitled, "Taking Back the Church." In this passage, John the Baptist is asking Jesus if he is the Messiah. Basically, Jesus tells John, look at the things I am doing, look at the trail of restoration and goodness. In the same way, Jeff said that when people ask us, "Are you Christians?" can we reply with "Tell me what you see and what you hear." Do we reflect the actions of Christ?

Jeff then shared about how influential Urbana 2009 was for him and also how much the testimony of Shane Claiborne inspired him. It was great to hear Jeff's story of trying to live out his own calling to the poor with his work with Worship Under the Bridge in Oakland and the possibility of now working with SF City Impact.

After Jeff's sharing, Samuel Mak gave us a brief look at what he is doing with day camp this year. He shared what has been great about day camp and some of his struggles and his prayer request that he could teach the kids well and help them to know Christ.

2013-06-30 08.37.05Lastly, Lemuel Chan welcomed everyone and Jocelyn Lam read the announcements. Lemuel then also prayed for the offering, collected by Albert Jian and Kaylee Deng, while Isabel Chan played piano. 2013-06-30 08.41.08

We didn't have time for the congregational prayer so I will print it here. This was written by Gilbert Kwong since he was not able to be with us this past Sunday:

Father, we thank you for hearing our prayers and that you are always with us, both in times of trials and success.

   Thank you for working strong in the children in our day camp during this summer. You have blessed us by working in the heart's of these children as they come to know your love and forgiveness. We also pray for our day camp counselors. May you give them both physical and emotional strength to teach your word and may you bless them for their good work.

   Lord, we also pray for the CCU basketball ministry. Thank you for working in each of the players in that they represent the characteristics of love, grace, unselfishness, and hard work. We are also thankful that even with a loss or a win, You have always been working both in the players and the fans. May your glory shine through this ministry.

   Father, remind us of how thankful we all are. That people worldwide are suffering hardships, ones that we can not even imagine. We pray that you give protection and peace to those who proclaim Your name across the world, even in the midst of persecution. In the same way, we pray that you may heal the sick, and mend the brokenhearted.

   Lord, for all of us, give us the strength and courage to share your word to everyone we come by. May you lead those who do not know you to your love and grace. Amen.

 The youth did a terrific job and I think God was glorified. I'm also super happy that many of the adults participated in our ice breakers during the extended 10 minute party. Thanks to all who participated and for Meggy Lau who helped coordinate everything. Can't wait for next year!