Embracing the Truth

parking-metersPastor Lancelot preached on Galatians 6:1-16 on Sunday: This past week one of the dominant news stories was the BART strike. Many people, however, did not know that Oakland city workers were on strike as well. This meant that there would be no parking violations since the parking enforcement officers were on strike. But there was one man who decided to cross the picket lines and go to work. And he gave out many tickets since people assumed that there would be no parking restrictions because of the strike. Later, it was announced that the parking tickets would not be valid since the city had announced that there would be no parking enforcement. Pastor Lancelot was amazed at this man's choice to cross the picket line and continue his work even though it would end up being fruitless. It is easier to join the picket line, rather than to cross it.

In a somewhat similar way, the apostle Paul stood up for the integrity of the gospel. In Galatians, Paul addresses the Judaizers who want the Gentile Christians to follow the Jewish customs in order to be saved. Paul, though, is adamant that the way of salvation is through faith in Christ alone. It has nothing to do with circumcision or uncircumcision (Galatians 6:16). Paul must speak the truth no matter what else anyone thinks.

As Christians, we too, must stand up for the truth in the midst of our secular society. It so much easier to go along with the crowd, than to be faithful to the truth of Christ. Will you live out and embrace the truth?