Lisa Mai's Short Term Mission Trip in August

One of our members, Lisa Mai will be serving in a short-term mission trip in August. Below is her letter:


Dear Brothers and Sisters of Christ,

I am going to be going on a mission with YWAM this year from August 5th to 11th, and I am inviting you to participate in this mission project by being a “prayer partner and/ or financial supporter.”  The estimated cost for this trip is $450 per person (all from fundraising myself). I truly hope and pray that you can be a partner with us through prayer and/ or financial support.
All my life I have lived on the edge of Chinatown in a small apartment just a few blocks away from San Francisco Evangelical Free Church. I grew up in a low income family. My parents are Buddhist and they do not understand why I tithe or spend so much money attending summer retreats. When I told them about going on a mission this summer to Las Vegas, they told me that it was a waste of money. Although it only cost $450 per person for this mission, I just went to Urbana in the winter, and it cost over $1,500 in expenses. However, I did not allow the cost of attendance stop me from experiencing God’s prescence at Urbana, and will not allow it to stop me from putting into action the skills that I’ve learned from Urbana. My purpose for going to Urbana was quite different from that of everyone else. Yes, I did want to learn more about God and experience revivial, but more than anything, I wanted to find the answer to a question that has been burning in my mind for a long time – What can I do to bring my parents to God?
I’ve always thought that missions was about going out into the world and sharing the gospel with people who never had the chance to know about God. However, I have come to realize that God has given me my own mission at home : that is ministering to my parents and friends. Many times, I feel different from my fellow brothers and sisters at church because unlike them, I grew up in a non-Christian household. I struggle everyday to find the courage and knowledge to share Christ with my family member and friends. However, on the first day of Urbana, the speaker said, “If you cannot minister to people whom you feel comfortable with, then how can you minister to people you do not even know?” That shocked me a lot, and all throughout Urbana, I felt God pulling me towards Urban ministry. I made a commitment during Urbana to go on a short term mission within the year, and I truly felt God calling me to go to Las Vegas this summer.
Please pray for me and my team, that we would have a safe and motivating trip. Please pray for our unity as brothers and sisters to help build each other’s spiritual growth.
Please fill out the attached response slip on the next page of this letter.
Thanks for your prayers and support.
Your Sister in Christ,
Lisa Mai
Please return this response sheet to:
Mission Department
San Francisco Evangelical Free Church
756 Union Street
San Francisco, CA  94133
Please check the following:
_________      I will be committed to pray for Lisa on a daily basis
_________      I will be interested to support Lisa financially
Please make check payable to: SFEFC— Mission Fund
Note: all financial contributions are tax-deductible; please provide us with the following information so that the church can send you a receipt:
Phone Number:_________________________________________ 
•     If the financial contribution received is more than Lisa's needs, the excess fund will be kept in the Mission Fund for other mission projects.
•     The last date to receive financial contribution is 7/31/2013.