They Never Gave Up

BBNSSFEFC was declared the official 3rd place team for the season standings on Monday night since they had beaten 1st place Sunset during the regular season. This means they got to the playoff game to go to the championships.  This game was played tonight against the Presbyterian Church in Chinatown. We had played them for our first game of the season and they edged us out by a mere 2 points back then.

This game though, both teams had more experience under their belt and SFEFC got out to an early lead in the first half. We all had high hopes for a victory but PCC battled back and took the lead going into halftime with a score of 14-18.

The SFEFC guys have never ever given us a boring game this season and this game was no different. PCC came out strong in the 2nd half, scoring and causing lots of turnovers. But our guys never gave up. They pulled close numerous times, coming within 1 to 2 points. But PCC was a tough competitor and won out in the end, 35-39.

Tony Wong had a season high 17 points with 1 assist, 1 rebound and 1 steal. Cory French continued his rebound dominance with 7 rebounds, 5 steals and a blocked shot as well as scoring 6 points. Calvin Ho had a magnificent blocked shot and contributed 4 points, 1 rebound and 1 steal.

Matt Kwong had a good defensive game grabbing 4 rebounds and 1 steal. Lemuel Chan grabbed 2 rebounds, Jonathan Ching had one rebound and 1 steal and Albert Jian had some good defense off the bench.

teamI do have to say that Emmu Zhou really pumped up the game with his 2 - three point shots that really got us back into the game in the 2nd half. He also scored a bucket for a total of 8 points.

[Stats disclaimer - I'm sure the guys grabbed more rebounds and steals than I recorded but the game goes by so quickly I don't think I caught them all but it is too hard to write "at least" after each stat. So it really is "at least x rebounds, x steals, etc.]

I can't say enough how proud everyone is with each of the players this year. They all played their hearts out and did great. I hope they know all of the fans that were cheering for them - thanks for everyone who came to the games.Thanks too for Coaches Jimmy Chan and Jason Wong - LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT YEAR!!