Home Sweet Home (Hebrews 12:18-29)

This past Sunday, Pastor Lancelot preached his last official sermon as the Senior Pastor of SFEFC: Loss is an inevitable part of life. Pastor Lancelot shared about the time that one of his son's hamsters died. Even though the projected life span of a hamster is about 2 years, the hamster died after a few months. His son was very upset because it was "his" hamster, he felt a strong personal connection to it, and he also expected it to live much longer.

In a similar way, Pastor Lancelot shared about the loss of his grandmother when he was 7 years old. This was a very personal loss because it was "his" grandmother and he expected her to always be around.

In the passage this Sunday, the author writes to alleviate the pain in the midst of loss.  Pastor Lancelot gave a quick summary of Hebrews 11 and 12, that these chapters emphasized faith. Faith is something you do not see or have but you hold on to the promise of it.

1mount_sinaiIn chapter 12 the author writes about two mountains - Mt. Sinai, mount where the Law was given to Moses and Mt. Zion - the mountain of the new covenant that cannot be shaken, the mountain of the promise.

As people of faith we don't possess anything but God's promise. If we hold on to this hope, we will be comforted in the midst of loss.

[We thank God for Pastor Lancelot's years of ministry and pray for the new place of ministry that God has in store for him.]