Ready or Not (Part 1) Luke 12:32-40

are-you-ready1One of my guilty pleasures is watching the Food Network. "Mystery Diners" is a show that seeks to find out why a restaurant isn't doing well. They do it by placing hidden cameras around the restaurant as well as having undercover waiters and customers to figure out what is going on. Sometimes it is quite shocking to discover what the employees are doing when the boss isn't there. In a similar fashion, in the period between the first and second coming of Jesus Christ, Jesus warns his disciples that they should always be ready for his return.

In the passage we looked at on Sunday morning, Jesus tells his disciples that the Father has been pleased to give them the kingdom (12:32)! In light of that, Jesus encourages them to sell their possessions and give to poor and they will have treasure in heaven (12:33-34).

Many times we strive for treasure on earth. But this does not satisfy. Jesus calls us to a better life and a better purpose. And we attain this through understanding our true role - as servants of Christ.

As servants, Jesus tells the disciples in v.35-40, that they should be ready all the time for the master to return. And if the master finds them faithful, then the master will serve them himself! This is a shocking picture, something socially absurd. But this is the nature of our Lord and Savior.

So how do we live as faithful servants until our Lord returns? Our treasure must be in Jesus Christ. When He is who and what we are living for, it instantly and completely keeps us on task. Then we are able to care for the poor as he does and love and serve others as he did.

As we do those things, it increases the gospel's credibility and people are more open to receiving Christ and the message really is good news. May every day we be seeking God's kingdom and striving to grow in Christ and serve and love those around us.