God's Whisper and Thunder (Job 26:1-14)

We had the privilege of hearing from Pastor Pira Tritasavit this past Sunday preaching on Job 26:1-14. Many of you know the story of Job. He was a rich and successful man and then due to circumstances that he didn't understand, everything was taken away from him: his family, his wealth, and his health. His wife wanted Job to curse God and die, but Job would not. He utters the now famous words, "The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised." (Job 1:21)

By chapter 25, Job's friends have turned from comforting him to confronting him. And his "friend" Bildad tells Job that a human being is just "a maggot" and "a worm." (Job 25:6)

Job's response however is one of prayer, worship and trust. In 26:1-4, Job mocks Bildad's advice and then in v.5-13 launches into a beautiful poem of the power and might of God. Job summarizes his awe of God by saying "And these are but the outer fringe of his works; how faint the whisper we hear of him! Who then can understand the thunder of his power?" (Job 26:14)

Everything we can know of God is just a tiny speck of the vastness of God. For Job it all comes down to the fact that God is bigger than our pain.

For Pastor Pira, he thought of 3 ways to summarize this chapter: 1) God is big, we are small. Deal with it. 2) We ask why, God knows why. Shut up. 3) God is Creator, we are created. Enjoy Him.

And although God is Almighty and powerful, He also is God who is well acquainted with suffering. He is a God who enters into our pain and brings life out of death. True suffering is not when you don't get your way, or don't get your desires met, but true suffering is when things don't make sense, when you feel like you have no control, when you don't know what God is doing.

piraPastor Pira and his wife Venus recently experienced this type of suffering. Their baby daughter, Fia Jae Tritasavit was diagnosed during the pregnancy with a chromosomal condition that prevented her physical body from growing and functioning at full capacity. On July 10th, 2013 she was born asleep and into the arms of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Through this experience and the words of Scripture, Pastor Pira encouraged us all to remember that God is greater than our pain and called us to trust wholeheartedly in our Savior Jesus Christ who entered into our pain on the cross and overcame it through the power of His resurrection. This gives us our hope that death is not the last word but leads us to the promise of eternal life.