Here Comes the Redeemer! (Genesis 45-49)

green background brazil christ redeemerThis Sunday, Pastor Al preached part 6 of his 7 part series on Joseph. As we near the end of the series, Pastor Al reminded us of where we've been. We've seen Joseph from 17 to 30 years old: Joseph the Dreamer (Genesis 37); Joseph the Prisoner (Genesis 39); Joseph the Interpreter (Genesis 40); Joseph the Ruler (Genesis 41); Joseph the Healer (Genesis 42-44). And this Sunday we see Joseph the Redeemer (Genesis 45-49).

Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers in Genesis 45:1-4. Everyone thought that he was dead but Joseph brings this awesome revelation to them. But Joseph's brothers have an awful response. Instead of being joyful about seeing their brother, they are shocked. Their crime is about to be brought to light.

Instead of experiencing Joseph's vengeance however, Joseph explains the big picture to his brothers. Joseph proclaims that it is God who sent him to Egypt in order to preserve the life of the family. And Joseph sends the brothers to bring Jacob to Egypt.

The brothers reveal to Jacob that "Joseph is alive!" In Genesis 45:25-28 Jacob gladly receives this good news and his spirit is revived. In the same way, we have the good news that "Jesus is alive!" When we share this message, it revives people's soul and spirit.

Just as God sent Joseph to Egypt to preserve the life of His people, God sent Jesus to bring salvation to the world! Can we take up this cry and not be afraid to proclaim this wonderful message?