When It's Time to Go (2 Timothy 4:6-22)

clockWe were privileged to have Pastor Pira Tritasavit share with us this past Sunday. He started by asking us a question: If you knew that your time on earth was up soon, what are the things you would do before you left? Would you ask someone for forgiveness? Would you make sure your finances are in order? Go through a bucket list? Eat everything that is unhealthy?

Pira quoted a study of 95 year olds who stated that if they had their life to live over again these are the things they would do: 1) risk more; 2) reflect more; 3) do more things that live on after they are gone (create a legacy).

For the apostle Paul, one of the main things he wanted to do before his death was to equip Timothy to continue on in the ministry. In Paul's last written letter, there are 3 themes in 2 Timothy 4.

1)  Paul encourages Timothy to worship fully. In 2 Timothy 4:6, Paul describes his life as a drink offering, already being poured out. This signifies that he has held nothing back, he has given his all for the Lord and the ministry and he is looking forward to reward of God, not the prize of men (2 Timothy 4:8)

2) Paul writes to Timothy and warns carefully. In 2 Timothy 4:9-20, Paul mentions a good handful of people. Some of them have been very helpful, others have caused harm. Paul wants to highlight those who have furthered the ministry and warn and remind Timothy that there are others who do not.

3) Lastly Paul tells Timothy he will wait patiently. In 2 Timothy 4:21-22 is an invitation to Timothy to come to visit Paul before the winter. But in the meantime, the Lord would be with his spirit (v.22) As Paul's life comes to close he knows that he is going home to His Lord. The kingdom has not yet fully arrived but Timothy is to wait patiently for it.

How will we live our lives now knowing our time here has a limit? May we worship fully, heed warnings carefully and wait patiently.