Here Comes the Comforter (Genesis 50:1-26)

This past Sunday, Pastor Alvin Louie concluded his seven part series on the life of Joseph: Comforting-WordsJoseph lived an amazing life, all based upon a dream (Genesis 37:5-11). He was the millennial man, for he could do it all, because God did it all through his life for God was with him! (Genesis 39:2-3). Joseph had a purpose for living: to tell the dream, to believe the dream, to live the dream and to fulfill the dream during his lifetime (Genesis 40-49). Genesis 50 concludes the life of Jacob as well as the life of Joseph.

Three things happened in Genesis 50:

1) The death of the patriarch Jacob. Joseph loved his father and had his father embalmed and buried him in the land of Canaan.

2) The comforting words of Joseph (Genesis 50:15-21): Joseph's brothers fear reprisal and revenge after their father's passing. But Joseph only had words of comfort for them. Joseph understood that he was in the place that God wanted him to be and he was in God's purpose that God had for him there.

3) The death of Joseph: Joseph lived long and lived well. He lived with purpose, and his life had meaning.

Joseph had a mission in life and that was stated in the Big Dream (Genesis 37:5-11), that one day he would rule over his family for the purpose of saving the family, preserving a nation, and bringing the Messiah to redeem the world, which is the Big Picture. (Genesis 12:1-3)

The seven legacies of Joseph: 1) Joseph was a man who was fearless and bold to declare the dream that came from God; 2) Joseph was a man of purity and integrity because "God was with him"; 3) Joseph was a man of patience and persistence always believing God would fulfill the dream; 4) Joseph was a man gifted with dreams and interpretation of dreams and Pharaoh rewarded him well; 5) Joseph was a man who sought healing and reconciliation to his own family; 6) Joseph was a man who believed the dream, lived the dream and fulfilled the dream during his lifetime; 7) Joseph was a man who cared and comforted his own family.