Lord Teach Us to Pray (Luke 11:1-13)

This week Pastor Alvin Louie begins a 5-part series on prayer this year! the-lords-prayerIn the New Testament, there is a big emphasis on prayer. In this series, the focus will be on private prayers. Today's sermon looks at 5 things in the Lord's prayer in Luke 11:1-13.

1) The request to learn to pray (Luke 11:1). In this verse we see the example of Jesus, the request of one of His disciples and the example of John the Baptist.

2) The model prayer (Luke 11:2-4) There are two characteristics of the model prayer. The first is that prayer is directed to the Father God. And the second is addressing our needs before God.

3) The first illustration on prayer (Luke 11:5-8) The main point of this illustration is the persistence of prayer, not on the supply of the friend! It ties back to the Lord's prayer, "give us this day our daily bread."

4) The practice of prayer (Luke 11:9-10) This is the application of the illustration. The person in need of bread to host a late night guest is Asking, Seeking, and Knocking (ASK).

5) The second illustration on prayer (Luke 11:11-13) is the difference between our earthly father and temporal gifts and our Heavenly Father and eternal gifts.

The model prayer addresses God and addresses our needs before God. We need to be persistent in our prayers as well as to know that our Heavenly Father gives eternal gifts to those who ask.

Will you model your prayers this week after Jesus' prayer?