30 Hour Famine!

20140405_181352On Friday April 4th at 12:30pm a group of 7 youth and 3 leaders stopped eating. And they didn't touch another bite until celebrating communion at 6:30pm on Saturday April 5th.  They were participating in World Vision's 30 Hour Famine to raise money for hungry kids all over the world. 20140405_163837Why did they do this? In their own words, some of them wrote: "...to experience how it really felt to be starved and to raise money for World Vision"..."I want to raise money to help fight global hunger. I also want to be in the "shoes" of the people experiencing hunger on a daily basis."

20140405_164040How was their experience? Some of them wrote, "It is pretty hard at times. The hardest part was having no energy"..."it was painful to be so hungry"..."I learned now I take for granted the food I get every day"..."this made me realize the facilities and resources I use for granted"..."the hardest part was the last two hours..."

20140405_185800I'm so proud of this group - they raised close to $800! Thanks to everyone who donated so generously and for your prayer support. Many thanks to Stephanie Lam who planned the program, Jeff Lam who helped with the t-shirts and Meggy Lau who cooked the delicious food to break the fast!!