Tough But Hopeful Start (CCU Basketball)

Hey Sports Fans! CCU Basketball has started again this past week with a double-header. A Tuesday night and a Wednesday night game. Unfortunately, we lost both games. The first week it is always hard to see how your team gels and compares against other teams. So now our team can start building on what it learned about itself and the other teams.

Here is the recap of Tuesday night's game against Outpost Church of God: game1 twai5The game started out with both teams pretty evenly matched. In the first half, SFEFC was matching Outpost shot for shot. Tony Wong, Emmu Zhou, and Lemuel Chan all scored a 3-point shot in the first half. Matt Kwong added to the first half with 2 buckets. One of our new team members, Kevin Bowman is looking to be our defensive threat. He had an EPIC blocked shot in the first half as well as adding a bucket. The score at halftime was SFEFC 17, Outpost 19.

The second half though is where the trouble started. Although the guys had multiple good shots, none of them fell in. They didn't score for a long time while Outpost started racking up bucket after bucket. We were able to score 12 points in the second half. Calvin Ho made 3 pointer and the 9 other points were all by free throws! Jason Chen contributed 1 free throw, Avery Kwan 3 free throws and Tony with 5 free throws. The guys battled hard but went down in defeat 29 to 45. Tony Wong had the high score with 10 points and 4 rebounds.

Here is the recap from Wednesday night verses New Life Lutheran:

In the second game of the week, the guys came out strong. The first half looked great. Kevin Bowman was the rebound monster with 6 rebounds in the first half along with a 3 pointer and a bucket. Calvin Ho also played well with 3 rebounds and a bucket. Tony Wong had an awesome behind the back assist as well as hitting a 3 pointer and Emmu Zhou hit a 3 pointer the first half. Jonathan Ching, Gilbert Kwong, Matthew Kwong, and Avery Kwan all contributed a bucket. At halftime, they were leading 24 to 18. Things were looking good.

But again, the second half is when they struggled, only scoring 8 points. Tony Wong scored 6 of those points with a 3 pointer, a bucket and a free throw. Kevin Bowman added the additional bucket. New Life started coming back and eventually tied the game. It went back and forth until it ended in a tie, 32-32.

game1.twaiSo the game went into a 2 minute overtime. Unfortunately Kevin Bowman fouled out before the game ended so he could not play in the overtime. He played a great game with 7 points and 8 rebounds.

But in the overtime, it was Jonathan Ching's time to shine and he made a 3 pointer and a bucket. Matthew Kwong also added another bucket in overtime and it looked like our guys might win. But New Life never gave up and they had some very good players and they tied the game again at the end of overtime.

So the game went into sudden death. This means that the first team to score a basket wins. Once play started, SFEFC got called for a foul and one of their best shooters went to line and made the free throw ending the game. Final score: 39-40. The high scorer for this game was Tony Wong with 9 points. Avery Kwan had a strong defensive effort with 4 rebounds and 3 steals.

This one was a heart-breaker. But it is early in the season and our team looks great. I'm proud of our guys - they kept their cool and played hard. Great job guys!!

Our next game is Wednesday June 18th at 6:30pm at El Camino High. Come on out and support them!