When you think of the word "ARG" what comes to mind? 1) what to say during "talk like a pirate" day; 2) a cry of frustration; 3) keys to a thankful heart. For our CCU basketball team, I would say it is #2 and #3. Let me explain.

DSC_9479This past week we had two games. The first was on Wednesday night. ARG! Cry of frustration. It was a difficult game. Defeated 17-29.


But ARG can also represent 3 keys to a thankful heart:

A = anticipation - putting the past behind and looking forward to what is coming ahead. Paul commends this attitude in Philippians 3:13 "...forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead." We want to put this game behind us and look forward to what's ahead.

DSC_9455 (2)R = remember/recollect - in the midst of a tough game, there were some definite highlights. Matthew Kwong had his best game of the season scoring two 3 point baskets, along with grabbing 7 rebounds and 3 steals. Tony Wong also contributed 3 free throws and a basket with 4 steals and a rebound. Emmu Zhou had one basket and a free throw plus 3 rebounds and one steal. Calvin Ho scored a three point bucket along with 2 rebounds and one steal. Avery Kwan had a good defensive game with 4 rebounds and one steal.

G= gratitude - there were a lot of fans who came out to watch that night. Thanks for your support! We are also grateful for Coaches Jimmy Chan and Jeff Lam for all their hard work. I'm also grateful for Tim Wai and my friend John Tom for taking some great pictures.


team photo 2 (2)






Our second game was played on Saturday. The guys played a great game but they were not able to get the win, final score 29-31. ARG!

A= anticipation - we look forward to our final two games, determined to improve and play our best and finish strong.

DSC_0188 (2)R= recollect/remember - the 3's are back! After a slight drought of 3 point baskets the past few games, SFEFC had SIX three point baskets this game. Calvin Ho had a monster game with three 3 point baskets and 2 regular baskets for a total of 13 points! He also contributed 3 rebounds and one steal. Tony Wong had a 3 point basket at the buzzer as well as two free throws, 2 steals and one rebound. Matt Kwong had another great game with 2 baskets, 5 rebounds and one steal. Kevin Bowman was back on his game with a 3 point basket and a free throw. He also had a terrific defensive game with a blocked shot, 5 rebounds and 3 steals. Gilbert Kwong also sank a 3 point basket.

jon bday (2)G= gratitude - the guys played great and it was a pretty close game. I'm thankful for their effort and their heart. Thankful for the many fans who came out on a Saturday. We are also thankful for Jonathan Ching who celebrated his birthday that day!

Our next game is Wednesday July 2nd at 8:30pm at El Camino High. See you there!