Maximum Effort

In the last game of the season, SFEFC played the undefeated team from Fellowship Bible Church. Even though they lost 32-46, they didn't go down quietly. At halftime, the score was tied 14-14 and early in the 2nd half they even had the lead! 7.10.14bIt was a great effort from the team and out of 11 players that night, 8 of them scored points and everyone contributed hustle and defense. I think all of us who watched them play all season are proud of them and looking forward to next year.

team photo 2 (2)Coach Jimmy had these words to say about the team: "I think this team is also very special: They had a "never give up" mindset;they all played their hardest; they also seemed to respond and play better as the season progressed; we had a theme "Maximum Effort" that they really embraced and took to heart"

Coach Jeff had this to add: "Good season. We didn't win much but I'll take it. Some of our guys have never played organized basketball before and only know how to play like they were on the playground, which is always tough.

We opened up the season facing a good team and we were scatter-brained. Not good. We were not serious in practice and most of our players only wanted to just play around and hope for the best. Honestly, I was a little afraid that we'd accomplish nothing this year.

But, thank God, we turned it around. We started to finally play together as a team and it started to gel. We were holding each other accountable for the mistakes we were committing on the floor and we were also commending each other for the greatness. On our 2nd to last game, we finally got a "W" which was huge. We never let up on defense and kept them from getting any movement on the floor. That showed me that these kids can do it.

I'm not sure if everyone really knows this but most of the teams are juniors/seniors in high school, back from college for the summer, or even some were working adults that were more mature and more experienced than our players. This is in no way an excuse but the odds were against us.

One person I have to commend is Coach Jimmy. He had a tough challenge ahead of him this year. We had a ton of new players and new personalities, but he stepped up to the plate and swung for the fences every practice and every game. It wasn't easy but I think he did a great job, and we should all be proud of his hard work and commitment this summer.

I'll stop blabbering here, but I'll just leave it at this. I'm very proud of our guys and the commitment they showed to the team. I can't wait for what God has prepared for us for the off-season and what next season will be like."

The high scorer this game was Calvin Ho with another season high THREE 3 point baskets for a total of 9 points. He was followed closely by Jonathan Ching who had two 3 point shots and a basket for 8 points with 2 steals. Avery Kwan and Gilbert Kwong both had a 3 point bucket. Tony Wong hit one free throw and a basket with 2 rebounds and 2 steals. Tony Yu, Jason Chen and Tao Huang each contributed a basket. Matthew Kwong and Emmu Zhou each grabbed 2 rebounds.

Great job representing Jesus Christ and SF Evangelical Free Church!
team photo 2