Day Camp 2014 Concludes...

Today is the last day of six weeks of Day Camp :( DSCN0480 (2)I have to say that Director Sam Mak with support from Pastor Stephen and his wife Vivian did an incredible job leading a fantastic six weeks of fun, creativity and fellowship.

DSCN0517 (2)From the "Epic of Emmu" to field trips to Golden Gate Park and Pier 39 to learning the story of Moses and Israelites, the campers seemed to have a great time.DSCN0485 (2) I also want to commend the dedicated DSCN0501 (2) DSCN0500 (2)counselors groups led by Jodie Zhou (1st-2nd grade), Kevin Tan (3rd-4th) and Emmu Zhou and Tony Wong (5th-7th) as well as all the junior counselors (Sammi Situ, Jonathan Ching, Tony Yu, Kevin Yu, June Liu) counselors-in-training (Alena Xu, Angela Xie, Kevin Chow, Yunyan Jiang, and volunteers (too numerous to mention but much appreciated!).

Looking forward to seeing many of the counselors and campers next year!

DSCN0476 (2)