The Pure Motive for Praying (Matthew 6:1, 5-15)

This past Sunday, Pastor Alvin Louie shared the message with us: timwai.prayerThe Lord teaches His disciples to pray in Luke 11:1-13 and Matthew 6:1, 5-15. In this passage, two questions are answered: 1) Why do we pray? 2) What do we pray?

The motive for praying is in 6:1,5-7. Jesus tells them that there are two motives for praying. Sometimes people pray to be seen by men. They pray for public or peer approval or pray for a "pat on the back." But the pure motive for prayer is to be seen by God. That is characterized by place, privacy and purpose. The place is the inner room in privacy for the purpose of being with the Father. It is being one on one, alone with God.

The second half of Matthew 6:9-13 gives instruction on what to pray. The prayer begins with addressing the Father - His holy name, His kingdom, and His will. And then petitioning our Father for our physical, relational and spiritual needs.

Praying is one thing but praying and doing is another thing - the real thing! We are called to be forgiving in our attitude when we approach our Heavenly Father.

What should your motive be for praying be? What is the pure motive for praying? Answer that and you will have a great prayer life!