Work, Wealth and Worship (Ecclesiastes 5:8-20)

We were blessed by hearing from Pastor Pira this past week preaching on Ecclesiastes 5:8-20: 140928 timwaiWhat motivates you to work - power? position? money? In Ecclesiastes 5:8-9, the author writes about a king who cultivates fields, who works on behalf of his people. In the same way, our God is a God who works on our behalf. He is actively cultivating His Kingdom in the people who have trusted in the finished work of His son Jesus Christ, and have been empowered and enabled by the Holy Spirit.

Our motivation to work must be something far more than power, position and money. It must be rooted in the work of the King, and we must value our work with a kingdom perspective.

How do we know if we are actually rich (or poor)? The more you have, the more accountable you are with what God has entrusted to you. The important question is not how much do I have, but how faithful am I with what I have?

God owns it all. Not us. Everything we have belongs to Him. We are the managers of God's resources.

How do we define worship? Worship is a complete lifestyle that reflects your highest value through your greatest investment of time, talents and treasures. If the thing you place highest value on is the thing you are hoping will bring you the maximum joy. If God is not the centerpiece of that joy, then that thing you are hoping for will fail you - it will fool you and destroy you, even if it is a good thing.

Following Jesus is really about valuing and worshiping Him higher above all other good things in your life, so much so that the love and grace and joy that emerge from the Holy Spirit in you will be more evident than anything else.

Instead of riches or fame, I want to suggest that in light of work, wealth or worship, there is something far greater to be seeking. Worship comes down to being all about making God famous through invisible obedience, faithfulness in public and private.

May God occupy our hearts with the joy of Jesus because He is the completer of our joy.