The Forbidden Anger (Matthew 5:21-26)

Here is the outline from this week's sermon from Pastor So: 141027_timwaiIntroduction

1. The story of Leonard Holt 2. The problem of anger

I. Words of Insult (v.21-22) 1. Should we express our anger at all? 2. Anger - a crescendo that builds through three stages: thumos/orge; raca; and moros 3. Verbal stabbing of the heart

II. Make Peace in Time 1. Two examples 2. Go and be reconciled 3. The goal - to turn enmity to amity

III. Some Suggestions 1. Cultivate our sensitivity to God's voice and presence - dealing with our compulsive and reactive behavior 2. Spend time with God every day in our quiet time 3. Practice the discipline of unceasing prayer