[CCU Basketball] You Win Some, You Lose Some

DSC_0948This week we had a double header of basketball on Monday and Tuesday night. The team had a win on Monday night against Berkeley Chinese Baptist Church but a loss against San Bruno Chinese Church on Tuesday. DSC_0814On Monday the guys played great and everyone contributed. They led for most of the game and won 35-26. The top three scorers were Kevin Bowman (6 points) with an "AND 1" plus 3 rebounds, 2 steals and an assist. Next was Jason Ching (6 points) with FOUR of his points coming from free throws at the end of the game (Andre Iguodala could learn a few things from Jason!). Jason also had 2 steals. Lastly Matthew Kwong hit a 3 point shot and a basket for 5 points and 1 steal.

DSC_0876Tony Wong and Jason Chen both contributed 4 points, each with a 3 point shot and a basket and one rebound. Jonathan Ching hit a 3 point shot, Yulin Deng and Emmu Zhou both combined for 2 points each but had monster rebounding games with 4 rebounds a piece. Zihao Zhen (Alex) had one steal and Lemuel Chan had 2 rebounds. Avery Kwan also had a good defensive game with 2 steals and 2 rebounds.

DSC_1133Tuesday's game was a little different. Not sure if the guys were too tired from the night before or too distracted with the Warriors playing at the same time, but they couldn't keep pace with San Bruno Chinese Church. There were multiple chances for them but they couldn't pull it out this time and they lost 23-27.

DSC_1035Matthew Kwong had a big night with 7 points (one 3 point shot, a basket and 2 free throws) as well as grabbing 3 rebounds. Jonathan Ching made two 3 point shots for 6 points. Tony Wong and Jason Ching had a quiet night with only 2 points each. But they made up for it defensively with Tony grabbing 4 rebounds and 1 steal and Jason with 3 rebounds.

DSC_0994Yulin Deng contributed 2 points and 1 steal, and Zihao Zhen (Alex) hit 2 points and 2 steals. Kevin Chow made two free throws for 2 points and grabbed 4 rebounds and 1 steal.

Defensively Jacky Guan picked up 3 rebounds, Lemuel Chan one rebound and one steal and Tao Huang got one steal and one assist. Avery Kwan had another great defensive game with 4 rebounds and a steal.

Although the point of the game is to win, the attitude with which you play and how you respond when you lose are just as important. OK guys, we're looking forward to seeing how you will learn and adjust!