[CCU Basketball] Iron Sharpens Iron

Although our guys did not win Thursday night's Bronze Championship game, nothing can take away what they accomplished this past season. Going from 1-6 last year to 6-2 this year is a huge achievement. They did it with grit, hard work, sacrifice and team work. As a fan, I can't say enough about how fun it was to see our guys play every week. I'm sorry to see the season end but we can only look forward to what they will do next year! DSCN0622Kudos to Coach Jimmy Chan who had to manage a roster of 15 players. I can't imagine how difficult it was to balance playing time, talent, and strategy every week. Also props to spiritual leaders Jason Ching and Tony Wong who did their best to keep the focus on the Lord.

DSCN0619Hours before the game Jason posted this on Facebook:

I think it says it all.

Jason Ching
July 23 at 4:49pm
Today is day everyone. Let's all remember who has brought us here and has given us the opportunity to play in the CCU Bronze Division Championship Game. God has been gracious to us by providing a gym, such an amazing fan base, and for everything really. Tonight we will lay everything out there win or lose. At the end of the day, glorifying God is the main objective. Please keep your composure and I know that emotions will definitely run high today. Hope to see you all later on tonight.-Jason Ching

DSC_3574 (2)Highlights of the game: Yulin Deng had a terrific game with 8 points and one rebound. Zihao Zhen (Alex) and Jonathan Ching both sunk 3-point shots. Zihao also had one rebound and one steal and Jonathan grabbed one rebound.

Tony Wong hit two free throws and a bucket for a total of 4 points with one rebound. Kevin Bowman hit a bucket and one free throw contributing 3 points with 2 rebounds, one steal and a monster blocked shot. Matthew Kwong hit a bucket with 2 steals and 2 rebounds and Jason Ching also scored 2 points with one rebound and one assist.DSC_3533 (2)

Defensively, Kevin Chow grabbed 4 rebounds, Emmu Zhou,Jacky Guan and Avery Kwan had 3 rebounds each and Avery also had one steal.

What a season! Here are the SEASON TOTAL STATS:

DSC_3527 (2)


Kevin Bowman 46
Jonathan Ching 34
Yulin Deng 33
Tony Wong 30
Jason Ching 28
Jacky Guan 23
Matt Kwong 20
Jason Chen 15
Kevin Chow 14
Zihao Zhen (Alex) 11
Emmu Zhou 10
Calvin Ho 9
Tao Huang 6
Avery Kwan 2


DSC_3569 (2)3 POINT CHAMP: Jonathan Ching hit 8 three pointers this season


Jacky Guan 25
Avery Kwan 21
Kevin Bowman 16
Tony Wong 15
Emmu Zhou 14

tony (2)

STEALS: Avery Kwan 11
Zihao Zhen 7
Jason Ching 7
Tao Huang 5
Kevin Bowman 5
ASSISTS Avery Kwan 4
Calvin Ho 3
Tao Huang 3
Jacky Guan 3
Free Thows Kevin Bowman 14
Tony Wong 12
Jason Ching 9


A big thank you to all the fans who made an effort to come and cheer on the team. See you all next year!

Photos by John Tom