ThanksLiving: Being Thankful vs. Doing Thankful (Col 3:15-17)

151202_Thanksgiving_newAs we celebrate Thanksgiving, our thoughts naturally turn to the things and people for which we are thankful. But for this message I thought that I would focus more on actions that show we are thankful rather than just an encouragement to be thankful. One author dubs that "ThanksLiving." I think that the scripture passage that best describes that is Colossians 3:15-17. The letter to Colossians is all about saying thank you. Throughout the Apostle Paul's letter, he encourages the Colossians to give thanks. In this particular passage, we find three ways we can live out our thanks to God: 1) by putting God as a priority in our lives through worship (v.16); 2) by forgiving others (v.13); and 3) by working with integrity and excellence (v.17).

This holiday season will you not only be thankful but do thankful to the Lord and to those around you?