CCU Basketball Schedules - Play Begins June 7th!

Here is the combined schedule for our two CCU teams! We hope that you can cheer both of our teams on! U7 is the Youth 7/8th team and S3 is the Silver College team

Weds6/7/2017      8:30 U7-U4 (v. FCBC) Mercy High

Fri6/9/2017          8:30pm S3-S4 (SFEFC vs. Fellowship Bible)    Mercy High

Weds6/14/2017    8:30pmU7-U10 (vs. Sunset Lady Saints      Mercy High

Sat6/24/2017     5:00pm   U7-U2 (vs. Cornerstone Baptist)     Mercy High

Sat6/24/2017     6:00pm    S2-S3 (Cornerstone vs SFEFC)       Mercy High

Weds6/28/2017   6:30pm U5-U7 (vs. Hope EV Free)      Mercy High

Thurs6/29/20176:30pmS5-S3 (Golden Gate vs SFEFC)Mercy High

Sat7/1/2017   4:00pm  U7-U9 (vs. Sunset Disciples)    Mercy High

Thurs7/13/2017   7:30pmS3-S6 (SFEFC vs Presb Chinatown)   Mercy High

Sat7/15/2017   3:00pm U3-U7 (vs. Fellowship Bible Church)  Mercy High

Sat7/15/2017   7:00pm   S3-S1 (SFEFC vs Nazarene)   Mercy High

Weds7/19/2017   6:30pm  U1-U7 (v. CUMC)   Mercy High

Thurs7/20/2017  8:30/9:30pm    Silver Quarter Final    Mercy High

Sat7/22/2017 4:00/5:00pm     Silver Semi-Final      Mercy High

Playoffs TBD week of 7/24-28