fellowship night

Warriors Fellowship Night (March 11, 2016)

The Warriors Fellowship night was a once a year event where members of the Golden State Warriors basketball team shared about their Christian faith. It was a very blessed experience for me to witness and listen to how God has been working in their lives. Though the win against the Portland Trailblazers was certainly uplifting (avenging a 31-point loss earlier in the year), the sharing was definitely the highlight of the night. 

One of the things that I learned and was encouraged by during the Fellowship Night was the way that the guys related to one another. There was a deeper bond that tied them together than simply the love for the basketball game. They saw each other as brothers in Christ, striving and encouraging one another to live out their faith. 

Andre Igoudala shared that as brothers in Christ and teammates, they keep each other accountable during their time together, while James Mcadoo and Shaun Livingston also shared that they spend one hour of chapel time right before the start of each game. Personally, I would think that the particular hour right before the game would be the peak of mental preparation for the game. Hearing that they use it to reflect God’s glory, to give Him praise reminded me of who it is that I am ultimately living for. 

— Tim Wai